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Master C. S. Kim arrived in the United States in 1972 and to the Pittsburgh area in 1974. He opened his first school in the East McKeesport area. He moved to a new location in Monroeville on Route 22 near the Monroeville Mall several years later. In 1982 he relocated to Monroeville Boulevard. There are currently 7 locations of C. S. Kim Karate. Each school is owned and operated by black belts who receive personal training from Master Kim. All instructors have received their Instructors Certification and many instructors have achieved the rank of Master (4th degree black belt or higher) from Master Kim.

All C. S. Kim Karate schools are certified each year by the International Tang Soo Do Federation™. This certification recognizes them as a martial arts school qualified to teach the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do. To receive this qualification is a prestigious achievement as each instructor and school must meet the strict standards and guidelines of the Federation.


"Thank you" ... "Appreciate"

Are you practicing and teaching your students to "appreciate" and say “thank you” more than kicking and punching? Kicking and punching is not a way of life. Sit down and reflect on past years. Think about who has done wonderful things for you. How many people have tried to help you? Many people teach kicking, punching, breaking boards, fighting, etc. Anyone can teach that. However, that will not last forever. What will stay with us forever? Knowing to appreciate others and say, “Thank you” are values that can help you be a good human being. It can bring harmony within your family. That is one of the many reasons why I love this authentic Tang Soo Do. I appreciate every International Tang Soo Do Federation™ school owner, master and member whom I often observe showing gratitude. I have seen many positive changes in people who practice this philosophy. Their businesses and lifestyles are elevated because of their attitude.



The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ is a traditional martial arts organization with specific standards and goals designed to help each student maximize potential as an individual, as well as, a martial artist. It requires and maintains strict guidelines in the operation of each member school. All certified instructors are required to attend frequent evaluation tests to assure the instruction you receive is of the highest possible standard and within the guidelines of the International Tang Soo Do Federation™ and its technical advisory board.

The Federation was founded by Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim in 1984. The goal in the formation of the International Tang Soo Do Federation™ was to maintain the high standards of authentic Tang Soo Do. Teaching this martial art in its original form gave much needed roots to many thousands of Tang Soo Do practitioners world-wide. To achieve this goal, Choong Jae Nim C.S. Kim has dedicated a lifetime of training to create a standardization of instruction. With unending dedication, time, and patience, Choong Jae Nim Kim has insured the continued peace and harmony of Traditional Tang Soo Do.

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