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Happy New Year!!!!
All C. S. Kim Karate Locations are open regular hours



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Grand Master C. S. Kim brought Tang Soo Do to the Pittsburgh area in 1974, creating the first C. S. Kim Karate school. We seek to enhance your confidence, focus, self-control, and provide a fun way to exercise. Our instructors are made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about providing the best Karate Schools in the Pittsburgh area. We offer the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. Do you want to learn at one of our karate schools? Visit our locations page to find a school near you.



"Great lessons for anyone at any point in life! Not only is the instructor friendly and easy to learn form, but so are all of the other students. If you are looking to start karate this is a great place!"

"My child has been attending classes at C. S. Kim for a year and a half now. They are still as engaged and excited about it as they were on the first day. Everyone, but especially our instructor, is patient, understanding, welcoming and fully engaged. I couldn't recommend it more highly."

"Our instructor is fantastic. They have given our family more confidence, discipline, and the drive to reach further than we thought possible. Our children, who were both shy several years ago, have grown to excel in Tang Soo Do, in their schoolwork and socially. My husband and I saw how much the kids loved taking classes that we joined too! We love our Tang Soo Do family!"

"One of the best things we have ever done for our kids was enrolling them in CS Kim Karate. The instructor is a great role model and we know they truly care about all of their students."

"I am an adult student who has been training with my instructor for a number years. They do an excellent job teaching with both adults and children. If you or your child want to learn karate you should check out C. S. Kim Karate."

"This is the best Tang Soo Do School ever. To be able to train with Grand Master Kim is truly a blessing and a honor. And every one of his schools are run by the best Masters who were trained by the GRAND Master C. S. Kim himself. When you join either one of his schools you become a member of the family. Tang Soo."

"Instructors care about their students. They will take the time to help a student in whatever area they need. All the belt ranks take class together so there's always something new to learn. Great school, instructors, and owner (who, btw teaches most classes)."

"Our instructor is a great leader and role model for the students. They provide a great environment for the kids to learn martial arts, discipline, respect and accountability while making it fun for the kids. The quick progression through the program allows the students to achieve new belts about every 90 days keeping the students motivated to reach new goals frequently. It's our 7 year old child's favorite activity. They attend three times per week and very rarely ask not to go. Truly a great academy of martial arts."

Testimonials were taken from our various locations' Google Business listings. Visit a school near you to learn more!

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