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"Thank you" ... "Appreciate"

Are you practicing and teaching your students to "appreciate" and say “thank you” more than kicking and punching? Kicking and punching is not a way of life. Sit down and reflect on past years. Think about who has done wonderful things for you. How many people have tried to help you? Many people teach kicking, punching, breaking boards, fighting, etc. Anyone can teach that. However, that will not last forever. What will stay with us forever? Knowing to appreciate others and say, “Thank you” are values that can help you be a good human being. It can bring harmony within your family. That is one of the many reasons why I love this authentic Tang Soo Do. I appreciate every International Tang Soo Do Federation school owner, master and member whom I often observe showing gratitude. I have seen many positive changes in people who practice this philosophy. Their businesses and lifestyles are elevated because of their attitude.

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