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C.S. Kim Karate Inter-School Tournament
Nov 4, 2023
CCAC Boyce Campus

"Tang Soo, Everyone!!!!
I am very excited that we have this opportunity to have our inter-school tournament. This tournament is beneficial for all color belts and black belts. Through this experience you will improve your self defense and confidence. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself. You will also have a chance to learn while spending time with your C.S. Kim Karate family."

- Choong Jae Nim C.S. Kim

Congratulations to the following students who passed the promotion examinations on July 30, 2023 in Washington DC at the 17th International Tang Soo Do Federation World Championships

Master Joe Bruno Dan# 21579 9th Dan
Master Dean Kelly Dan# 26269 8th Dan

Master Chris Cross Dan# 32016 6th Dan
Master Tom Cegan Dan# 32017 6th Dan

Master Elizabeth Lindsay Dan# 32077 6th Dan
Master Tyson Swigart Dan# 41076 6th Dan
Master Georgeann Reid Dan# 53196 5th Dan
Master Richard Franklin Dan# 53320 5th Dan
Master Edward Wojnanski Dan# 54189 5th Dan
Master Wraith Williams Dan# 64077 4th Dan
Master Christopher Markle Dan# 68083 4th Dan

"I want you to continue to have the same attitude and Tang Soo Do spirit that you have shown getting ready for your promotion test a
s you continue to train and learn. I also want you all to attend the Master's Seminar October 14th at the all American Field House in Monroeville, PA" - Choong Jae Nim C.S. Kim

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